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About Us

Woman at the cashier in a grocery store

Fractional Market is committed to making groceries affordable and more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. We do this by allowing you to be able to 'fractionalize', or buy groceries at the exact amount you need, so you would not have to throw away any unused food. We take on all the costs associated with giving you these products and delivering them right to you at the quantities of your choosing. Every order you make through Fractional Market helps us save on food waste and benefits you and the environment by reducing your food waste. 

How we combat food waste


A disturbing statistic is that over 35% of worldwide food waste is household food waste. Household produce more food wastage than retail businesses, more waste than restaurants and more wastes than institutions such as schools and companies. At a time were homelessness and poverty have been slowing rising in the developing world and people have to live paycheck to paycheck, seeing the astonishing amount of food thrown out by households worried us. Majority of food waste come from four reasons, overbuying, poor planning, date-label confusion, and overpreparing. All of these contributed to global food waste crisis and all of them could be solved by fractionalizing out food purchases. 

Quality at a fair price

Cheap, fast, and convenient products are usually correlated with paying a premium for the quality. However, that’s not how we do things at Fractional Market. We take on the added cost by buying the product whole and fractionalizing it for you so you dont have to spend needlessly on food you will throw out. Our food is of high quality despite its funny looking packaging, with your support we could provide cheap fractionalized food for everyone.

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